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Antler Luggage

As you may have seen over on @TheExiledBrit Instagram, I have been on my travels of late. Apart from having to vacate home to allow my brother some space after coming back from Los Angeles for a while, I also managed to squeeze in a trip to the Swedish Capital, Stockholm. Luckily the lads and lasses over at Antler luggage allowed me give one of their cabin bags a run for its money and seeing that bloggers are by far the worst packers in the world. I mean its not just all the mountain of clothes but also all the camera equipment and not to mention the shoes! So I made sure I was packed to the brim and off I trotted onto my Norwegian Air flight to Stockholm. Yeah I know, strange isn’t it?

Atom Cabin Suitcase - Charcoal £199 - Side View

The case I was lucky enough to be given was the Charcoal Atom C1 cabin bag which has actually won a ‘Which Best Buy’ for 2017 and by all measures, it really does deserve it. Antler took 2 years to develop the perfect combination of strength and weight with this case and the Atom’s distinct hexagonal design has been engineered for additional strength which is a breakthrough in the design of luggage manufacturing. With high shine polypropylene it really turns heads when you’re walking through the departure gate and provides unreal durability. Speaking of walking through departures, with smooth glide Hinomoto Wheels you have total 360 degree control, meaning you can weave through the mountain of other tourists and managed to make the most of getting in the line first!

Atom Cabin Suitcase - Charcoal £199 - Interior Shot

As I was gliding through Gatwick with this in tow, it was an absolute revelation to have something of absolute quality to rely on, rather than waiting for the inevitable catastrophe of a cheap piece of luggage, you know, the zip coming off or the wheel having a tantrum and not wanting to go in a straight line. It is just such a hassle having all of that in the back of your mind like a ticking time bomb, but this time – and granted I wasn’t flying Ryanair, which honestly stresses me no end – I was carefree and didn’t even give it a second thought.

Atom Cabin Suitcase - Charcoal £199 - Back View

The inspiration for the design of this range were industrial and sophisticated surface patterns that also enhance performance whilst being resilient and sensitive to the environment, whilst obviously taking huge influence from geometry and specifically hexagon formations for the aesthetic of this range. Obviously scrapping everything and reinventing luggage manufacturing is a huge task and one that I am extremely glad that they have done, what was a huge learning curve for the design team has lead to some incredible innovations for us as the consumer to take advantage of.

As always click any of the pictures to be taken to their website and check out the rest of the range. Honestly I can not describe how good it was to have something as neat and pristine as this. You won’t regret even checking it out.

Much love and see you here again soon



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