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Travelling like the Kyza mate!

What a week it has been, words literally fail to convey how I feel about what has happened in the world. Luckily you and I find ourselves here, something to take our mind off the outside world for a few minutes. Let me ask you a question. Do you know what ‘Fernweh‘ is?


Don’t worry if you don’t! Luckily with my German I shall guide you through (if you haven’t already seen those 1,000,000 of buzzfeed etc posts that tell you all the words – which ALWAYS includes Fernweh – that we need in English that there are in German). In a nutshell it is a longing for far-off places and now thankfully, I have found the perfect companion. Being Exiled the majority of the time when I return home or visit my brother up in Los Angeles I always have a folder-full of paperwork (Papierkrieg in German, literally Paper warfare). Therefore I need something to keep it all tidily and in one pocket rather than being that annoying foreigner who fumbles their papers all over the shop. Before I give you my opinion however, heres a little bit about the guys down under!


Kyza Travel Co. was founded in Melbourne by two wanderers and is made by travellers, FOR travellers. The travel wallet set actually comes with 2 wallets; an outer wallet for your travel necessities (passport, currency, notes, boarding pass) and an inner wallet for your everyday travels (credit cards, smaller notes). It also includes a handy travel pen for filling out those incredibly boring customs forms. They truly designed this wallet for the modern traveller. The purpose is to give you the function that you need when you’re heading to the airport and checking into your accommodation; and then when you are ready to explore, all you have to do is slide out your inner wallet and you are ready to go! That’s right! The wallets are designed to slide into each other and connect to form one handy travel accessory. They are also made from ACTUAL GENUINE leather, smell it if you don’t believe me!


Before trying this out, I used to be a bit against travel wallets. I used to think it was slightly  strange to have this thing to put ALL your stuff in when I already had a plethora of pockets to stow my things away in. Then I started travelling long haul, and yeah, that put to rest that idea. In my opinion, if you’re travelling on Ryanair, EasyJet or the absolute joke of an airline Volaris, you won’t appreciate it as fully as you do on long haul flights. There is an elegance of pulling it out before your flight, with your passport, boarding pass (not a printed A4 sheet of paper) and your foreign cash. For me it harks back to a time when travelling wasn’t the constant onslaught of queues or add-ons you now have to buy to get to your destination with more than a wash bag. Honestly, Volaris charged me 100$ for a 2nd case, I mean seriously?


It’s got to the point now that I like the inner wallet so much I am using it on a daily basis to carry all of my things around with me. It looks good, feels good and holds everything I need. The colour that I chose (Oxford) can be chucked into most outfits without a problem, they also have the Soho (Midnight navy) and Majorca (Blush pink). I absolutely love the Soho but considering they say this on their website to describe the Oxford:

“Purveyed by class, Oxford represents a new level of sophistication. Inspired by the classic architecture and perennial stye of the United Kingdom, the slate green will transport you back to the rolling lawns of Oxford University.”

I just couldn’t resist. Speaking of us Brits, post-Brexit it could spell the end of visa-free transport so that pen in the larger wallet is looking like it was a fantastic idea eh? No, seriously, I’d get in on the act before the Aussie’s realise there is a market for it!


All in all, they have turned me. The quality of the wallet is undeniable, the layout and general thought process behind it is also thorough and been followed through to the last. So before you book that summer holiday get one of these in your case and make sure you’re organised, ready and stylish as hell when you step foot on foreign soil.

Thank you for reading this weeks edition as ever! You can also grab yourself 10% OFF using the code ” EXILEDBRIT10 ” !!!

There is going to be a Wednesday edition to this review blog as well as the normal SudioSuper7 on Friday. The demand I have had since Christmas is astonishing and is all down to you guys, so thank you so much for your continued support and constant kind words.

Yours truly 

The Exiled Brit


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